Netrutva matdaan ke chuntani na parinaam

“Netrutva matdaan ke chuntani na parinaam…”

Leadership quotes in gujarati on benefits-“Netrutva matdaan ke chuntani na parinaam..”


“Netrutva matdaan ke chuntani na parinaam vade maapi shakaatu nathi. maatra samay ni saathe thataa fayda thi j tene joi shakaay chhe. 20 divas nahi pan, 20 varsh na pariprekshya ma..” – Marco Rubio


“Leadership cannot be measured in a poll or even in the result of an election. It can only be truly seen with the benefit of time. From the perspective of 20 years, not 20 days.” – Marco Rubio


Leadership quotes in gujarati on benefits-"Netrutva matdaan ke chuntani na parinaam.."-marco rubio


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